Ranchi student Richa Bharti was granted bail, who was jailed for posting an offensive post on social media

A Local court in Ranchi, Jharkhand has given bail to Richa Bharti,a student who jailed for allegedly sharing offensive contents on a community on social media with a rider.

The court of judicial officer Manish Kumar Singh directed her Richa Bharti to give five copies of the Quran to educational institutions of government and ordered her to donate one copy of the Muslim religious book to Mansur Khalifa, a member of SadarAnjuman Committee who filed the case.

Ramparvesh Singh, Richa’s lawyer said, “Directing her to donate the books within a fortnight in presence of police authorities and submit a compliance report, the court granted bail to Richa on the condition that she would furnish two sureties of Rs 7,000 each.”

A complaint was filed by Khalifa in the Pithoria police station on Bharti on July 12 claiming that she had written an offensive post on Facebook and WhatsApp. The Facebook contents were shown on a distinct religion that could have disturbed the communal harmony of the community; Khalifa affirmed in the first information report (FIR).

After receiving the complaint Bharti was jailed on July 12 following some Hindu organisations protested on Sunday directing her release.

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