Rajnath Singh meets China delegation, demands for status quo

Since May, India, and China are maintaining a deadlock on the borders and have hardly worked in favor of each other but efforts are being made to end the tense situation on the ground after a high-level political meeting on Friday.

Senior leader and Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh met with his Chinese counterpart, Gen Wei Fenghe, to discuss the military situations and to break the ongoing deadlock in the eastern Ladakh. The meeting lasted till late on Friday evening but nothing can be said for the outcome. Though it can be seen as efforts from India’s end it is difficult to predict how this talk will turn out.

From the information that was released after the meeting, it is being learned that Singh asked for restoring the status quo ante. Nothing solid came out of the meeting but it has surely set the floor for upcoming talks in between S. Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister of India, and his counterpart from China, Wang Yi. The meeting will be held on September 10 which will also be on the sidelines of the SCO ministerial meet in Moscow.

Before the meeting, Singh played his cards, without naming China, in front of the other members of SCO when he said, “peace and security in the region demands a climate of trust, non-aggression, peaceful resolution of differences and respect for international rules.” This message was seen as an indirect attack on China after the border row.

“Peaceful stable and secure region of SCO member states, which is home to over 40 percent of the global population, demands a climate of trust and cooperation, non-aggression, respect for international rules and norms, sensitivity to each other’s interest and peaceful resolution of differences,” Singh said.

The last few days have seen China taking a greater interest in Indian territory in the Southern bank of Pangong Lake and after this incident, tensions rose between both the countries and a meeting was resorted for a possible solution. Both the nations have increased the number of troops along the Line of Actual Control(LAC) after which the Chief of Army Staff, MM Naravane had to visit the region. After his visit, he said that even though the situation is tense, the country can rely on the Indian Army.

For both the nations, extracting troops from the region becomes even more important as winters are fast approaching and in areas like LAC, it will become miserable for the soldiers.

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