Rahul Gandhi says Narendra Modi did a ‘bypass surgery’ on Rafale deal

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, once again, for alleged corruption in the Rafale deal, a day after the government filed an appeal in the Supreme Court claiming that documents related to the fighter aircraft deal with France were “stolen” and that they came under the Official Secrets Act.

Rahul said these documents clearly showed that Modi carried out “parallel negotiations” to get the Rafale deal, and yet there is no investigation against him. The government is also mulling over filing a criminal case against The Hindu for publishing the “leaked” documents.

“Criminal investigation in India can be on everyone who opposes the prime minister, but when his name comes up, it can’t be done. Why?” Rahul asked, adding that the media has been warned of an investigation if it releases documents related to the Rafale deal, but no inquiry is initiated against those involved in the “scam”.

The Congress president then attacked Modi for “filling the pockets of his friends”, saying that the deal was hijacked by him to give “Rs 30,000 crore to Anil Ambani”. “The prime minister delayed the delivery of the Rafale jets to put Rs 30,000 crore in his friend’s pocket. He also benefitted himself in the process,” Rahul claimed.

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