Rahul Gandhi questions hike in oil prices when international oil prices are actually declining

On Monday morning, state-run oil marketing companies revised the oil rates increasing petrol price by 48 paise per litre and diesel by 23 paise per litre. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed the central government for the move, given the ongoing coronavirus crisis and recession which has already made things difficult for Indian consumer and economy.

In his tweet published on Tuesday, former Congress Chief said, “PM Modi, these tragic times dictate putting money directly in the hands of the middle class and poor. STOP profiteering from their misery.”

Congress president Sonia Gandhi in her letter to Prime Minister urged Narendra Modi to roll back the ‘insensitive’ rise in oil prices and pass on the benefit of lower oil prices to the Indian nationals. She wrote, “I am deeply distressed that in these exceedingly difficult times since the beginning of March, the government has taken the wholly insensitive decision to increase petrol and diesel prices on no less than ten separate occasions.”

“If you want citizens to be self-reliant then do not place financial fetters on their ability to move forward,” she added.

Owing to the coronavirus led worldwide lockdown, global oil prices dipped due to slump in demand. Despite the huge plunge in the oil prices, centre rolled out higher prices when the Indian population was already struggling to make ends meet. The Congress, opposing the move, questioned the centre over the need of such hike and has been pressurising Modi government to bring back the petroleum, diesel and LPG rates to the August 2004 level.   In a policy strike deemed exploitative, BJP-led government raised fuel prices for the tenth time in a row on Tuesday, filling deep pockets of oil companies, despite crude oil rates slipping down to multi-year lows.

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