Priyanka Gandhi Vadra finally meets the family of victims in Uttar Pradesh

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress General Secretary met the victim’s family members of Sonbhadra massacre after a long wait on Saturday.

The officials did not let Priyanka continue to Sonebhadra and instead the family members were taken to meet her at Mirzapur’s Chunar Guest House.

Priyanka said, “Two relatives of victims have come here to meet me, 15 others are not being allowed to meet me. I too am not being allowed to meet them. These people have come from so far to meet, yet the authorities are not allowing.”

Priyanka and nine others were arrested in Narayanpur by police while on their way to reach Sonbhadra’s firing case victims. The Gandhi denied to give Rs 50,000 bail bond and asked on moving to Sonebhadra in Uttar Pradesh.

A rebellious Priyanka then sat on the ground along with Congress workers and taken away in a government vehicle to Chunar after a while and spent a night there.

About 10 people and about 24 were injured in a clash among Gond and Gujjar communities on Wednesday because of a land dispute in Sonbhadra.

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