Priyanka Gandhi arrested in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi says it’s the misuse of Adityanath’s Government

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated the arrest of Priyanka Gandhi was an irrational method of control by the Yogi Adityanath’s Government.

After the illegal arrest, Rahul Gandhi wrote on his Twitter that, Priyanka’s illegal arrest in Sonbhadra, UP, is uncertain. This irrational use of power, to stop her from meeting families of the 10 Adivasi farmers mercilessly gunned down for declining to leave their land, shows the BJP Govt’s growing insecurity in Uttar Pradesh.

On Friday, Priyanka Gandhi was held in Mirzapur from meeting the victims of the clash which claimed 10 lives in Sonbhadra.

Priyanka Gandhi following meeting with the victims at Varanasi was programmed to visit Sonbhadra, but the Congress general secretary was held in Mirzapur. While sitting on the dharna, Priyanka Gandhi said that she wanted to inoffensively meet the victim’s families who had succumbed to the bullets in the encounter. She wanted to comprehend the regulations under which I have been held by not meeting them.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that they yet won’t be cowed down. They were just going peacefully to meet the families of Sonbhadra firing victims.

In the incident on Wednesday, about nineteen people were injured in Uttar Pradesh.

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