Prime Minister Narendra Modi movie starring Vivek Oberoi is certified by Central Board of Film Certification

The movie starring Vivek Oberoi, a biopic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has earned a certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The film, titled “PM Narendra Modi” directed by Omung Kumar, has been criticised by the opposition parties, alleging that the biopic of PM could give an unfair advantage to the BJP party in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Supreme Court on Tuesday had rejected the plea registered by a Congress activist asking a stay on the film’s release, stating the Election Commission would be an “appropriate” place to seek the redressal.

Sandeep Singh, the producer said, “We are very happy that we got the ‘U’ certificate from the Censor Board, and finally the film will be releasing on April 11. We are also very relieved that the Supreme Court has rejected the plea… It is clear now from everywhere.”

“I hope no political parties across India has any problem, because the Election Commission, the CBFC, and all the courts have cleared all the pleas, and our film is ready for release. We are grateful to each and everyone who has prayed for us,” he added.

Producer Anand Pandit said, “justice has been served” as the film has cleared its “final hurdle” towards getting released in theatres. The movie, Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be released on April 11.

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