Potzel says, “not here to advise the Indian government”

India should view supporting the quadrilateral peace method by the US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China and the associated Intra-Afghan settlement rule, German exclusive legislator for Afghanistan Markus Potzel said on Thursday.

Potzel to summarise Indian interlocutors on Friday who is presently in New Delhi on the initial round of the German-facilitated Intra-Afghan discussion contained in Doha while July 7-8, emphasised he was “not here to advise the Indian government”.

Potzel had visited to Kabul and Islamabad on the same purpose and summarised the Iranian diplomat in the Afghan capital.

The 71 delegates at the discussion were brought from all parts of Afghan society, the Kabul government and the Taliban, and announced a joint declaration calling for a decrease in violence.

Relating to the new quadrilateral discussions, Potzel stated he was convinced his US counterpart, Zalmay Khalilzad, required to lead India and other regional powers into the gatherings in the following round.

He added, “Germany wants India to play a role in the regional format.”

Raveesh Kumar, External affairs ministry spokesperson said, India is an essential stakeholder in Afghanistan and endures frequent consultations with powerful players like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and China on the matter.

He added, all peace actions must involve all segments of Afghan society, including the chosen government and India will support a settlement process that is Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled.

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