PM to meet President Ram Nath Kovind

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday to disclose the claim to form the new government, sources said.

The Prime Minister mostly to meet the President at around 8 pm and before that, the other top leaders of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would meet Mr. Kovind at around 7 pm, the sources added.

The NDA won the power back with a majority in the Lok Sabha elections with the BJP getting around 303 of total 542 seats. The general elections were held in 542 of the 543 seats.

The source said, “As of now there is no such information. We will share the details once a decision is taken.”

The Election Commission called on President Kovind on Saturday and given over the list of 542 newly-elected members of the Lok Sabha that will allow him to begin the legal process of new government formation.

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