PM Modi will have an interaction with BJP workers

PM Narendra Modi will hold a communication with Bharatiya Janata Party laborers from Varanasi, his parliamentary voting demographic, on October 24, a senior authority with the executive’s office said.

The association with be held through video meeting.

“I will associate with laborers of my parliamentary voting demographic Varanasi on October 24. I welcome all laborers to join this cooperation. You can share your proposal and inquiries on NaMo App,” Modi worts on Twitter in a post in Hindi.

NaMo App is a versatile utilization of the head administrator, which takes its name from the initial two letters of his name.

Leader Modi won from Varanasi for the second time in the current year’s parliamentary political race and have held such collaborations with BJP laborers from his electorate and different pieces of the nation through video meeting in the past during decisions and on different events too.

“The October 24 cooperation with Varanasi laborers is on the event of Diwali,” the authority cited above said.

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