PM Modi: India will fight as one, win as one

On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted a path-breaking video conference, where he interacted with over 1 crore Bhartiya Janta Party workers. The conference launched as ‘Mera Booth SabseMazboot’ programme was Modi’s propaganda call for his party people to initiate preparations for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The party workers called it the “world’s largest videoconference” scheduled for 5 pm. As part of the ‘Mera Booth SabseMazboot’ programme, Modi addressed 15,000 party workers in different locations across the country. The BJP party chief Amit Shah and other leaders also participated in the programme from its Delhi office.

During the conference, Modi said, “When the enemy supports terror and acts against India, it’s to stop India’s progress. But we must all ensure that we stand together.” He added, “India will stand as one, India will work as one, India will grow as one, India will fight as one, India will win as one.”

Other parties including the Congress and the AamAadmi Party criticised Modi and his party for proceeding with the ‘Mera Booth SabseMazboot’ program when the need of the hour is to focus on settling the rising tensions with Pakistan over the series of air raids which were conducted from both sides after the February 14 Pulwama suicide terror attack.

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