PM Modi in Man Vs Wild is feathered after US president Barak Obama

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday was found as a courageous explorer as an adventure with Bear Grylls, the host of Discovery’s Man Vs Wild. They were on a trip in the Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand to encourage environmental conservation.

PM Modi presented the nature-loving facet of his personality as he walked with Grylls, explored in a raft and even revived the latter make a weapon.

PM Modi is the second leader to feather on the show after then US President Barack Obama.

The episode with the hashtag #ManVsWild trending on number 1 in India and number 2 worldwide.

In India, #ModionDiscovery was trending at number 2.
PM Modi talked with Grylls on a range of topics, ranging from his personal life to his political life to his love for nature.

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