PM Modi continues to slam Congress party; new slogan, “remove Congress to remove poverty”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday slammed Congress stating that the party do not care about protecting the nation’s interest. PM Modi said that the people have given a new slogan, “remove Congress to remove poverty”. Mr Modi in an election rally in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar said, “In the past five years, the world has seen a strong and decisive government. Before that, there was a remote-controlled government for ten years when news of scams was the order of the day.”

Prime Minister added, “Today, the world identifies the present government as a strong one. You are going to decide the future course in the election. You have to decide what you want, an honest chowkidar or a corrupt naamdaar (a reference used by the prime minister for Congress president Rahul Gandhi). You have to decide if you will vote for the heroes of Hindustan or advocates of Pakistan.”

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