PM Modi and Imran Khan to give speech in US

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will experience an eventful weeklong visit to the US which will be marked by two interactions with President Donald Trump, with an address to the UN General Assembly while before his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan.

PM Modi has resolutely focused on positioning India as a key player in a changing global order in the face of repeated attempts by Pakistan to internationalize the Kashmir issue in the aftermath of New Delhi’s 5th August decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and reorganize the state into two Union Territories.

PM Modi will address the UN General Assembly and Khan is expected to make his speech shortly thereafter. People familiar with developments has said that India will exercise its “right of reply” to respond to Khan’s address, which is expected to focus on the Kashmir issue.

PM Modi has cleared up his schedule for most of his work on his speech for the General Assembly that could be his signature legacy, should he decide to break new ground, as officials have indicated he might.

Officials have been indicating that Pakistan or differences with it will not figure in PM Modi’s speech and the issue of terrorism may figure in the address but will not be the centre of it.

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