PM Modi advised BJP workers before filing his nomination in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing to BJP workers before filing his nomination papers from Varanasi for ongoing Lok Sabha elections 2019, said that an unusual pro-incumbency wave in the nation and asked party men to not be arrogant. Because of the hard work of workers, there is huge enthusiasm from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

First time there is a pro-incumbency wave in the elections. Everywhere people are saying, ‘abkibaar..’” said PM Modi. He added, “those who showed arrogance reduced to 40 seats from 400 seats”. “Make sure women voters are 5 per cent more than men,” he added. He also urged voters to welcome first-time voters with sweets. “Download Narendra Modi app and use it to woo first-time voters,” he said. Mr Modi advice to workers on decreasing poll expenses by encouraging voters at their homes and taking food, reading papers and watching TV. Varanasi goes to polls on May 19.

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