PM in Arunachal Pradesh: Narendra Modi claims Opposition parties ‘disheartened’ by India’s success

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked the people of Arunachal Pradesh to vote for a ‘chowkidar’ who would provide security to the country even as he attacked Opposition parties, saying they were “disheartened” by India’s growth and success.

Kicking off his campaign here for simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls in the state, the prime minister said Arunachal Pradesh is a “shield for the country with the people zealously guarding the border as sentinels”. Attacking the Congress, Modi said the grand old party is “synonymous with corruption” and has the habit to take people of the country for a ride.

“Whenever the country makes achievements, don’t you feel happy? Everyone, irrespective of their social and financial status, regales at India’s success stories. There are, however, some who feel disheartened by India’s growth and success,” the prime minister said.

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