PlayStation 4 Games Can Use On Your iPhone finally

Starting up this week, you are able to play PlayStation 4 games on your Apple iPhone. That is certainly the long and short of Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 update, which lets PS4 owners stream their games to iOS devices like the iPhone as well as the iPad.

The services, called as “Remote Play,” has endured on the PlayStation 4 ever since its launch in 2013. In the last several years, Sony has rolled out Remote Play support to a variety of devices: the PlayStation Vita, various Sony devices, PC, Mac, and now iOS. Remote Play on iOS does not allow users to pair a PlayStation 4 gamepad with the smartphone or tablet they are simply playing on. Rather than, users should make use of the overlaid virtual buttons.

Through the iOS app, PlayStation 4 Remote Play end users have complete access to their entire PlayStation 4 console, not only games. Update your PlayStation 4 to firmware 6.50, and that is currently available. Listed here are the instructions for updating your PS4. Download the iOS app, which you are able to find on the App Store here. After doing those two things, turn on your PlayStation 4 and start the app, then follow the instructions.

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