Plastic bottles got banned by Anand Mahindra, the chief of $21-billion Mahindra Group

Plastic bottles got banned by Anand Mahindra, the chief of $21-billion Mahindra Group, in his companies after a Twitter user pointed it out.

Anand Mahindra who is a Twitter-savvy announced the banning of plastic bottles in the boardroom when a Twitter user pointed out the use of plastic bottles in his meeting.

The chairman of Mahindra at the World Economic Forum had also batted for action towards climate change.

Meantime, Azim Premji in his latest AGM at Wipro declared that the company utilizes 42% recycled water. It seems like large Indian companies are taking real responsibility regarding making a difference. When a Twitter user pointed out that he has too many plastic bottles his boardroom meeting picture, Anand Mahindra Mahindra Group Chairman declared that ‘plastic bottles will be banished’ and that they were embarrassed.

Anand Mahindra is extremely active on Twitter, has been working towards sustainable growth. The chairman of the automobile giant which also makes electric cars talked at the World Economic Forum about the requirement of business leaders gathering together for the cause.

He said that the business community realizes that this is not an issue they are solving alone or something you review on your CSR (corporate social responsibility) box. This is the largest business opportunity for the next several decades. He had also recalled the audience at WEF that on account of his employees of all the 100 companies from his group, he had taken a vow to enhance carbon-free 10 years before the acceptance deadline for the world in the Paris agreement.

Meantime, Azim Premji while in the latest AGM declared that Wipro is exercising a serious move towards renewable energy. He said that this year, they have remarkably risen the utilization of reusable energy sources for their operations, which now contributes 40 percent of their total consumption. Recycled water now contributes to 42% of their complete water usage.

Anand Mahindra’s tweet;

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