Pimple free skin for men: What should be the skin care routine

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Men and women, as we know, have different skin types, a man’s skin being 20-25 percent thicker than women’s, also are made of more collagen, which gives them a tighter, more firm appearance. Men skin also produce twice as much sebum (oil) than a women skin, and because of this they usually tend to combat issues caused by oily skin. While women go through various skincare routines with shifting skin needs and trends, men tend to look for an uncomplicated, inexpensive skin care routine that is both effective and efficient.

Pimples are usually brought on by variations in hormone levels. These hormones produce oils, which can clog pores and occasionally allow bacteria to grow. However, these pimples can also be caused by other external factors such as pollution, sunlight, poor sleeping habits, and a poor diet. Skin care routines for men can be exhausting, especially when it accrues no result. Home remedies like applying toothpaste, creams, and so forth often proves to be ineffective.

To ensure your skin is healthy and pimple-free it needs continual attention. You generally have two options when it comes to cleansing your face: soap or face wash. Both will clean your face, but they do it in different ways. A face wash is softer on your skin than soap, which is more abrasive. A good face wash leaves your face’s natural oils alone. Instead, it aids in preserving the pH balance of your skin while clearing the pores of dirt. The four main varieties of skin are oily, dry, normal, and mixed. Everyone has a different skin type, so it is important to know yours and take care of it accordingly.

Here are few skin care tips for healthy pimple-free skin:

o Cleansing: Washing your face daily can help reduce the major skin problems. Avoid washing the face with soap to avoid the harshness it creates on our face. Instead, use lukewarm water and a gentle facial cleanser with natural herbs like neem, turmeric, etc. for the better results

o Beard wash: The texture of facial hair is distinct; it is thicker and coarser. Sporting a beard needs special care. As facial hair grows, skin can get itchy and uncomfortable. Using a Beard Wash formulated with ingredients like Aloe vera and Coconut water not only provides deep cleansing, and clear skin but also helps with a soft beard

o Choose the right products: Each skin type is different, and each type of skin necessitates a particular set of products. Always go for products that are natural and infused with herbal ingredients. This helps unclog pores, and helps manage pimples

The author is the General Manager R&D, Himalaya Wellness Company. Views are personal.

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