P. Chidambaram slam PM Modi’s Rs 20 lakh crore package speech says “We will also carefully examine who gets what?”

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday, responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s declaration of discharging Rs 20 lakh crore as a monetary boost package for the nation amid the Covid-19 and lockdown.   

On Tuesday, PM Modi, in his speech stated that the stimulus package is approximately 10% of the nation’s (GDP) and will strengthen and support the economy during the Covid-19 emergency. PM’s declaration came a day after a video-conferencing with other state ministers on the predominant coronavirus circumstance in the nation.

Following PM Modi’s speech, Chidambaram tweeted, expressing that “PM has given us a headline and a blank page. Naturally, my reaction was a blank!” he added that he is waiting to hear the details of the stimulus package from the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

After listening to the detailed package, he would check each extra rupee the administration injects into the economy and inspect what poor, hungry, and crushed migrant workers get in the wake of walking several kilometers by road to their homes.  

We will also examine what the rest of the population get in terms of REAL MONEY,” he included. A few days ago, Chidambaram appreciated the Central Government’s step to begin transit migrant workers via traveler trains from May 12 in the coronavirus lockdown. “Similar modest step could be begun with street transport and air transport as well,” Chidambaram tweeted.    

Another Congress representative Javier Shergill criticized BJP for its pre-2014 election campaign promise of bringing back black money from overseas and depositing ₹15 lakh into the accounts of every Indian citizen, which never became a reality.   

Also, drew a comparison by saying that the BJP Government is a specialist in showing stars to people in broad daylight, We truly hope that the guaranteed ₹20 lakh crore package won’t disappoint the population as the guarantee of ₹15 lakh to each Indian did.  

Article Credit: Hindustan Times/First Post/ The Hindu
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