‘Our responsibility’: Facing Russia threat, Ukraine teens dig trenches for soldiers

Ukrainian teenager Mykhailo Anopa had been suffering sleepless nights worrying about a full-on attack from Russia. Then he decided to do something about it, AFP reported. The 15-year-old joined other boys from disadvantaged families digging trenches for soldiers serving on his country’s eastern front and facing off with Russian-backed separatists. Image Courtesy: AFP

Ukraine has been trapped in a festering conflict across parts of its mostly Russian-speaking industrial east ever since a pro-EU revolt deposed a Moscow-backed president in 2014. Image Courtesy: AFP

As per a report by AFP, the war has claimed more than 14,000 lives and forced 1.5 million people from their homes. It has also drained Ukraine’s economy and remained a constant drag on the former Soviet republic’s aspirations to enter the Western fold. Image Courtesy: tyzhden.ua

The trenches around the eastern village of Chervone, on the Sea of Azov coast, were first dug during another but much smaller military escalation in November 2018, AFP reported. Image Courtesy: AFP

Now Ukrainians fear Putin’s confrontation with the West over NATO’s expansion could lead to an all-out invasion by the more than 100,000 Russian troops poised just across the border. Image Courtesy: Twitter/@KremlinRussia_E

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