Online abuse on women politicians should be considered as a human violation

Amnesty India says online trolling on Indian women politician by threatening and silencing them need to be considered a human rights violation.

“It’s so easy for men to dismiss it as just ‘trolling’, but we are talking about rape threats, death threats, stalking…words which can lead to deep physical and emotional harm. These are threats of criminal activity, and they are aimed at silencing or pushing out women,” said NaziaErum, media and advocacy manager at Amnesty India.

“We hope this study will highlight the seriousness of the issue… These are an abuse of women’s rights, of human rights.”

Amnesty India is hiring 2,000 digital volunteers for Troll Patrol India to investigate the offensive tweets sent to 100 women candidates in the ongoing Lok Sabha election, during, before and after the polling.

They will be classified by type and level of abuse, each tweet will be analysed by three different volunteers. The human rights group expects to develop an evidence base on the extent and nature of online abuse suffered by famous women politicians and its effect on their freedom of expression.

“While both men and women politicians face online abuse, women politicians face abuse that is often gendered due to their political participation. Women from religious and ethnic minorities, transwomen, queer women and Dalit women are further targeted due to their marginalised status,” said an Amnesty India statement earlier this week.

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