New Year resolution for your heart: Set realistic goals and stay fit

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Well, New Year is a perfect time to give up on vices and carry those habits that will help you to keep your heart healthy. So, this New Year, you should pledge to take care of your heart by following these tips.

The challenging 2022 is finally behind us, and it’s time to look forward to 2023. January is the best month for reflection on the previous year, and it helps one to set some goals and stay healthy. Taking a New Year’s Resolution when it comes to health helps one to improve his/her overall well-being. Moreover, you should not take things lightly when it comes to your heart. If you adhere to these foolproof tricks then you will be able to keep your heart in top shape for the coming years. It is a good idea to set realistic goals and make sure to stay fit.

These are some of the essential measures to keep the heart healthy:

o Being overweight can raise your chances of health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and blood clots. Did you know? A significant weight loss when you are overweight or obese can help to manage heart health. Cutting down those excess kilos can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Instead, try to stick to healthy eating habits and exercise daily. If you wish to maintain an optimum weight then you need to maintain a food journal and note down what you eat and delete it. Tracking your food intake and daily exercise time can be helpful for you. Moreover, you can also download an app that helps to make you understand your day-to-day diet and exercise status. You should record what triggers you to eat more so you can take steps to avoid doing so.

o It will be imperative for you to eat a well-balanced diet. Try to include all the vital nutrients in it. It is the need of the hour to give up on junk, processed, oily and canned foods. Avoid soda, colas, sweets, and desserts. Try to reduce your carbohydrate intake. Eat enough protein on a daily basis as recommended by the expert. Try to limit your salt intake to avoid hypertension and heart problems.

o Stay stress-free to keep the heart healthy. Stress can raise the chances of a heart attack. So, try to de-stress by doing yoga and meditation. You can also do any activity that you like. Listen to music, play an instrument, learn a new language, or even do gardening.

Quit smoking or any form of use of tobacco

The author is Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai. Views are personal.

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