Nepotism and Casteism plays a major role in selection of judges for High Courts and Supreme Courts, said the Allahabad High Court Judge Ram Nath Pandey

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Allahabad High Court Judge Ram Nath Pandey has written claiming there is a priority for nepotism and casteism in the selection of judges to High Courts and Supreme Court.

“Unfortunately, the judiciary in India is under the heavy influence of nepotism and casteism. Belonging to a family of judges gives one a sure shot entry to being the next in line,” he said.

“The prevalent norm is nepotism and casteism,” he wrote.

“In this entire process, the secrecy of the highest order is maintained and the names of the new judges are made public only after the entire appointment process is completed. Hence, no one can know the parameters on which a judge has been elevated,” he said.

Citing to the National Judicial Appointments Commission, the judge stated that such a panel would have created evidence to the selection procedure but the offer was rejected by judges commending independence of the judiciary.

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