NASA plans to send its team to the moon for a long stay

NASA is all set to stay on the moon for a long time, which also assists as the way station for astronauts travelling to Mars.

On Friday space agency on Twitter said that “We’re going to the Moon — this time, to stay.”

Within the Artemis missions titled for Apollo’s sister in Greek, NASA is preparing to examine new human-class landers to stay on the Moon from 2024 and to assign a crew to the reach the surface in 2028.

Adding to the statement space agency said, “For the first time, NASA’s Artemis missions will enable scientists and engineers to explore the surface on the moon very close. This will show us whereby to go safely over lunar soil, identified as regolith; how to develop infrastructure on top of it; and how to keep people safe in space. The methods scientists will improve on the Moon will execute its potential for humans to safely and sustainably examine remote purposes, like Mars.”

NASA’s Artemis plan intends to take the first woman to the moon.

NASA officials state investigation of the moon and Mars are tangled. The earth’s satellite will be a testbed for many operations on Mars, giving an excuse to describe new technologies that could benefit build self-sustaining extraterrestrial positions.

The last man who reached the moon was in 1972. Many scientific discoveries from CAT considers to freeze-dried food took place recognition to the manned mission to the moon.

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