NaMo TV is not a licensed channel says Ministry of information and broadcasting

NaMo TV is not a licensed channel but a direct-to-home advertisement platform says the ministry of information and broadcasting to Election Commission. The Election Commission had accepted the notice from the ministry of information and broadcasting. I&B ministry said the party [BJP] is incurring the cost of the advertisements, sources said. NaMo TV was launched on March 31, TV channel broadcasting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election campaigns. The broadcasting TV channel is named after the Prime Minister ‘NaMo’. The Congress and AAP have raised the concern with the Election Commission questioning why was such a channel launched after the model code of conduct came into force.

Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP, in a letter, said: “the channel went against the principle of creating a level playing field for all parties, a prerequisite for elections according to Supreme Court of India and the Election Commission of India”. “But defying this cardinal principle Bharatiya Janata Party has launched a 24-hr channel NaMo TV,” the letter addressed to the Chief Election Commissioner from AAP’s legal cell said. “Who will monitor the contents of the telecast. Did BJP approach the Media Certification Committee established to certify the contents of the telecast and the cost? If no permission sought by EC then what action has been taken in this regard?” it asked.

The Congress also wrote a letter which said, “NaMo TV, earlier called Content TV, was dedicated “solely to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and BJP for promoting and advertising the achievements of the government, personal achievements of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, political rallies of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and broadcasting interviews of prominent BJP leaders.”

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