Music director AR Rahman welcomes changes in the education policy

The changes made to the draft National Education Policy have found a response among artists. Thus, music director AR Rahman supported changes that would allow students to choose the language they want to learn.

According to the new version of the draft policy, “students who want to change one or more of the three languages that they learn can do it in grades 6 or 7”.

Changes in the project occurred after a high-profile protest in Tamil Nadu, where political parties accused the Center of trying to impose Hindi on the state.

In the initial draft of the National Education Policy of 2019, a three-language formula recommended that English and Hindi besides the mother tongue be included in a non-Indian state, while English and Indian languages from other parts of India should be included in Hindi-speaking states.

The draft policy stated that multilingualism was a necessity for India for most of the developed world and should be seen as a blessing and an opportunity to explore and expand its horizon, rather than a burden.

Leaders from non-Indian states particularly opposed the project.

In Tamil Nadu, leaders of different parties said the state would not tolerate imposition.

However, the Center maintained that the policy was just a draft subject to change and guaranteed that no language would be choked.

“The committee was formed to develop new education policies. This committee gave its report. The committee report is accepted only by the ministry. This is not politics. No language will be imposed on any state, ”said Minister for Human Rights Ramesh Pohriyal Nishak.

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