Mumbai auto drivers’ strike for raise in fares

It is highly expected that auto drivers may go on strike on Tuesday demanding raise in present auto fare slabs. Henceforth it may result in drastic traveling issues in the city.

A strike has been called by the Auto-Rickshaw Drivers Unions from12 am-midnight from Monday to the same on Tuesday demanding raise in present auto fare slabs as said by News agency ANI. In addition to this demand, they also demand to discontinue the further issue of license permit given by state government as the count of autos on Mumbai roads from last year is almost multiplied.

Apart from Mumbai, it is also expected that the strike may expand in other cities of Maharashtra. About 2 lakh autos in the city are approximated to be standing still due to the strike as the auto unions kept their demands.

Due to the obvious inconvenient, that may occur due to strike supplement rounds in local trains may have to run to carry all passengers. The bad weather is yet another inconvenience that Mumbai people may have to face badly. Since massive rain hit the city on Monday, it is likely to rain heavily in the city on Tuesday as per the weather forecast. The gradual rise in the rain may cause the blockage of roads which will be yet another hurdle in the city. An application-based taxicab may raise its usual rates as the demand will be doubled due to auto strike and bad weather. Most probably it will be a traumatic Tuesday on Mumbai streets.

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