MS Dhoni was trolled on social media for his innings against Bangladesh but Sachin appreciates!

MS Dhoni was criticized on social media for his innings against Bangladesh in Birmingham on Tuesday. But Sachin Tendulkar stated that the 33-ball 35 was an outstanding inning for India.

India secured 314 against a Bangladesh and was the 2nd team after Australia to enter the semi-finals of World Cup 2019.

Tendulkar after the game against Afghanistan had said, “I felt slightly disappointed, it could have been much better. I was also not happy with the partnership between Kedar and Dhoni, it was very slow. We batted 34 overs of spin bowling and scored 119 runs. This was one area where we didn’t look comfortable at all. There was no positive intent.”

Tendulkar said, “MS Dhoni always thought of the team first.” This statement was made after India defeated Bangladesh.

“I felt it was an important inning and he (MS Dhoni) did exactly what was right for the team. If he stays till the 50th over, he can help other guys around him. He is expected to do that and he did that,” he added.

“For him, it is more about the team. Whatever is the need of the hour, one needs to do that and on Tuesday, he did that perfectly,” Tendulkar said.

After India ended with 314 for 9 off 50 overs Dhoni on social media was trolled. He did not secure single six innings and hit 4 boundaries.

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