MS Dhoni may take his retirement after World Cup 2019

The reports say it is most expected that MS Dhoni may call it off a day after India’s World Cup campaign the man remains an enigma, there are no buzzes from the Indian camp, but, if we take a closer look at MS Dhoni himself and the way he has gone about his concern in the campaign so far, he could well be giving us all few signs about the imminent move.

It is broadly assumed that the most successful Indian captain might step down after India’s final game, even though there has been no message sent to the BCCI.

He begins his innings with an SG signed bat and then later switches to a Vampire (BAS) branded blade. His friend and manager, Arun Pandey confirm that this is Dhoni’s way of thanking the aforementioned bat makers for encouraging him in the initial stages of his profession.

“It’s a fact that he has been using different bats with different brandings, but he is not charging them. He wants to say thank to them for helping in various stages of his career,” Pandey told.

“He does not need money, he has enough of it, he is using those bats as a goodwill gesture. BAS was with him from the beginning and SG also was very helpful to him.”

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