Mosques attack by mobs in Kurunegala District

Several mosques in Kurunegala District of Colombo was attacked by the mobs on Monday and torched lots of shops and homes of Muslims this is the biggest conflict of violence since the April 21 Easter serial bombings.

A police curfew, commanded in six villages in the district, was prolonged to cover the whole island until Tuesday morning, among fears of the attacks spreading.

Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake informed that troops would not use maximum power to check the tense situation.

The conflicts led to an increase of violence targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslim community, after the Easter terror attacks that the government had accused two local Islamist militant groups. The blasts claimed over 250 lives in Colombo, nearby Negombo and the Eastern city of Batticaloa.

Sources said that the three mosques were attacked on Sunday in Kiniyama. “One mosque has been almost fully destroyed. It will take us millions to rebuild it,” a source from the village said.

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