Modi slams Congress for using the term Hindu Terror

Narendra Modi on Monday pointed out the Congress party for using the term ‘Hindu terror’. “The Congress has disrespected the community by using the word ‘Hindu terror’. How can a community be known for peace, brotherhood, and harmony to be linked with terrorism? Even the British could not find acts of terror in our 5,000 years of history,” said Narendra Modi in his first election rally in Maharashtra at Wardha in Vidarbha.

Modi said, “It is evident from the fact that one has to contest from a seat where the minority is the majority,” he said without mentioning Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s name who will be contesting from Kerala’s Wayanad. Modi claimed on Nationalist Congress Party Sharad Pawar that he chose not to contest in the Lok Sabha elections as he predicted his defeat earlier, he said, “His own nephew is trying to take control of the party.

The Pawar family which is involved in a feud right now cannot win this election.” PM added, “If I am being named as a chowkidar of the toilet that means I am the chowkidar of pride of women who never had access to toilet and had to go for open defecation,” responding to the comments of Mr Pawar naming him as the chowkidar of the toilet are in fact proud moments for him.

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