‘Miracle’: Doctor delivers baby on overnight flight to Uganda, shares post on social media

The incident happened on 5 December 2021 when Dr Aisha Khatib, was travelling for work and medical training

Doctor delivers child on plane. Twitter/@AishaKhatib

An overnight flight from Qatar to Uganda burst into laughter and applause after a doctor delivered a baby on board. Last month, a Canadian doctor helped a woman deliver a baby 35,000 feet in the air after the Qatar Airways staff asked if there was any doctor travelling in the flight.

The incident happened on 5 December 2021 when Dr Aisha Khatib, was travelling for work and medical training.

She is a professor at the University of Toronto, as per The Independent.

When Dr Khatib got to know about the emergency, she initially thought that someone was suffering from a heart attack. However, to her surprise, the emergency call was for delivery. According to reports, she sprang into action when she heard an urgent appeal on the intercom for a medical expert.

“I see a crowd of people gathered around the patient. As I got closer, I see this woman lying on the seat with her head toward the aisle and feet towards the window. And the baby was coming out!” Dr Khatib told BBC News.

The doctor was assisted by two other passengers – one of whom was an oncology nurse and the other was a paediatrician from the non-profit Doctors Without Borders association.

After the delivery, Dr Khatib made sure that the mom and child were stable. Only then, she announced the news and informed the passengers saying, ‘Congratulations it’s a girl.’ On hearing this news, the entire crowd started clapping and cheering for everyone involved in it.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Dr Khatib shared pictures of the newborn, who was crying ‘robustly’. Further in her post, she also notified that this ‘miracle’ baby was born last month and she could only post the photographs this week because she was too busy treating COVID-19 patients in Toronto.

Reports suggest that the mother in the flight is a migrant worker. She was on her way home to Uganda from Saudi Arabia to deliver her first child. Interestingly, she named her daughter after Dr Khatib, who came as a saviour in the nick of time.

After the delivery, Dr Khatib gifted the mother a gold necklace that she was wearing with “Aisha” printed in Arabic on it.

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