Migrant Labours are attacked by Qatar forces

During the protest against the employer for unpaid salaries. In Qatar, thousands of migrants mostly south Asian worker’s life is at risk. The workers will abuse, exploit and sometimes force to work. It is being treated against human rights violation despite promised government reforms in the country. The campaign group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said in a statement that hundreds of workers are dying every year. But the Qatar authorities have refused to make necessary information public or investigate the deaths.

Sources also tell that death is because of insufficient statutory work breaks, lack of safety measures, ill-treatment. It forced work apart from this many workers are unpaid for months and the employers take advantage of “Kalfa system”. As describes as Qatar’s notorious sponsorship system which prevents the workers from changing jobs. Hence it is leaving the country without the permission of their employers. This system has also abused the migrant labours with forced labour concept.

In a recent similar incident, Qatari forces attacked the workers who had gathered to claim their labour rights. In conclusion, protested against their employers and the Qatari Government for their unpaid salaries for months. The sources said that 3 workers were killed and many injured.

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