Microsoft all set to launch cloud-based software for Healthcare

Microsoft Corp, on Tuesday, made public its plans to launch a cloud-based software to assist the healthcare industry. The tech giant said that it would put together its AI technology and software to create a package called “Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare”.

The company said that it was first of its kind offering, which would be catering to the needs of a specific industry. The company in its press release said, “By providing the right information at the right time, the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will help hospitals and care providers better manage the needs of patients and staff and make resource deployments more efficient. This solution also improves end-to-end security compliance and accessibility of data, driving better operational outcomes.”

Microsoft corporate vice presidents Tom McGuinness and Greg Moore mentioned in a blog post on Tuesday that the company would offer a free trial of the health care solution for public review over the next six months. More detail would be rolled out in fall.

For the mentioned project, the company added that it would be collaborating with its healthcare partners to use their ecosystem with its technologies and present a customized service to the customers. The list includes the likes of Epic, Allscripts, GE Healthcare, Adaptive Biotechnologies, and Nuance.

While mentioning about the execution of the project, the company said it would help patients communicate with doctors without having to visit the hospital at first, and would also help doctors in maintaining a patient’s medical history. It would also help a patient in setting an appointment patient portal website. Besides, the initial communication would be carried out via a chatbot, supported by the Microsoft team at the backend.

Deb Cupp, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of enterprise and commercial industries, told Reuters, “We want to carry all that information through the health experience.”

The company said it would focus on bringing out industry-specific cloud solutions in the near future.

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