MI vs KXIP, IPL 2019 Match at Wankhede Stadium: KL Rahul’s superb 100 takes Punjab to 197

KL Rahul is Mister Punjab with the bat for the Kings. He has decimated his good mate Pandya to all corner of Wankhede. Even Bumrah wasn’t spared. This is a memorable hundred for this stylish Karnataka lad. One that has the potential to turn his career around from the lows of a needless controversy. Mumbai need 198 to win this home encounter. Without Rohit at the top and Quinton going through a lean patch, this is going to be an uphill task. Will they shuffle around with their batting order tonight? It could be a riveting chase if they get off to a good start.

KL Rahul: I thought the way Gayle and I started we would get to 200 but we lost our way a little in the middle. The plan was simple for the first six overs, that both of us have to look to play cricketing shots and after six it’s generally Gayle who takes off and I look to play till the end. After Gayle got out and Miller got out, I delayed going after the bowling. So the last three overs had to be big. It wasn’t easy to go after the spinners, a bit of grip, hopefully, Ash can make use of it.

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