ME Entertainment May 2, 2019, Pop-Sensation Taylor Swifts ‘ME!’ Takes Control Of 65 Mn Sees In 24 Hrs!

The pop star’s modern-day single ‘ME!’ has created a new document by garnering 65 million in just 24 hrs! Swift’s latest song went viral on the midnight of April 26, 2019, and has only been increasing to fame since then. While her 2017 album Status symbolized ‘triumph via revenge’, her new audio tells her fans that she’s found independence in herself. Like all of Taylor’s music, the lyrics of ‘ME !’ are relatable and tells us for every personal. Moreover, it speaks of her own journey so far.

The video clip also features Anxiety! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie who assist Swift present clues to her visitors about her next album. ( Have you already assumed the name of Taylor Swift’s next album ? ) Taylor Swift is among the most-loved singers of our generating and has given us some unforgettable songs such as Look What You Made Me Do, Bad Blood, Love Story and Tear Drops On My Guitar.

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