Mangal Pandey: The man behind Great Revolt 1857

Remembering the most desirable Indian soldier on his 192nd Birth Anniversary.

In history, Today July 19 is noticed as birth anniversary of one of the most important Indian soldier, Mangal Pandey. He was born during the year 1827 and was the sepoy in the Bengal Native Infantry’s 34th Regiment of the British East India Company.

He was labeled as a traitor and mutiny by the Britishers, but nevertheless he was a hero in modern India. He assaulted the British officers which triggered the very first war of Independence in India, Indian Mutiny, Great Rebellion or Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

Mangal Pandey assaulted British Sergent and also seriously injured a lower-ranking police officer on March 29, 1857. He was then arrested for this action and sentenced to be hanged. It had been unveiled later on that he was distressed with the launch of the new Enfield P-53 rifle spread.

There is speculations that cartridges were greased with cows and pigs fat and Military services were required to bite it off to take off the cover .

Upon hearing that the cattle fat was intentionally used, Mangal Pandey chose to take aggressive action. He shot down British Sergeant Major after which he injured another officer. Also, he knew that he will probably be arrested so he shot himself in the chest yet somehow he was able to survive.

Mangal Pandey’s fearless and brave act was recognized by everyone all over the country and it furthermore caused a series of revolts. Also, there have been around 3 lakh Indian soldiers in the British East India Company when the rebellion broke out.

The revolt was commenced in 1857 when Bengal soldiers mutinied in Meerut and killed British officers and marched to Delhi. When they reached the capital, they announced Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar as their ruler.

On the contrary, the movement was faded since it didn’t have appropriate leadership on June 20, 1858. Mangal Pandey was hanged on April 8, 1857, which was 10 days before the scheduled execution date fearing more occurrences in future.

Mangal Pandey’s biopic was shot and released in Hindi titled as ‘Mangal Pandey : The Rising’, in the year 2005. To honour the Indian soldier widely known for igniting the spark ‘Indian rebellion of 1857’, also referred to as The First War of Indian Independence.

Ketan Mehta, directed the film and was produced by Bobby Bedi as well as with a screenplay by Farrukh Dhondy. Aamir Khan performed the lead role as Mangal Pandey, spotting his comeback after few failures.

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