Malayalam film titled ‘Lockdown’ is the first movie to utilize the current scenario as a backdrop

An independent film titled ‘Lockdown‘ is anticipated to be the first Malayalam film to utilize the current scenario as a backdrop and also going to start shooting and complete the movie soon if the lockdown is lifted on May 17. The film will be shot for the most part in Thiruvananthapuram as the streets and expressways there are perfect for the movie plot.

The debutant Filmmaker, Xooreg Zubrahmanyan says, we have an interesting backdrop of lockdown yet our storyline is different from the Hollywood film Virus and Contagion. The movie is a blend of spine chilling thriller and action. It doesn’t deal with the pandemic; however, it is going to be shot mostly on the highway.

As indicated by Xooreg, the film wasn’t imagined hastily, it took six months to plan and write the script. At first, the story which takes place entirely at night was set against the backdrop of a hartal. 

Since it felt odd to do that when the whole world is currently under lockdown, we chose to modify the content from hartal to lockdown to make it look more realistic. In the story, characters go through several incidents, both fictional and real. We will add some real-life visuals as well,” the debutant director, Xooreg explains. 

After the lockdown, we are wanting to shoot the film at 7.30 pm and wrap up ere 4.30 am, which would be helpful for everyone. 80 percent of the movie happens on the road, says Xooreg.

In the film ‘Lockdown‘ Rahul Madhav and Sanjiv Shivaram will be portraying the lead roles and Sabareesh Varma, Jinu Joseph, Sijoy Varghese, and Biju Sopanam be playing the supporting cast. Xooreg’s team incorporates Editor Sobin K Soman, cinematographer Jebin Jacob, and sound architect Renganath Ravee.

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