Majili movie review: Naga Chaitanya delivers a career-best performance

Poorna, who aspires to be a cricketer. His father gives him a year to fulfil his dream. However, people acknowledge his talent and passion for the game, Poorna’s life takes a dramatic turn when he meets Anshu (Divyansha Kaushik), the daughter of Naval officer in Vizag. When his life crumbles, he ends up getting married to Sravani (Samantha), his neighbour who understands his pain more than anyone else around him. She let him be because she knows that nothing will change Poorna.

Sravani comes to rescue whenever he gets into trouble. Even he pays no attention to her, Sravani loves him wholeheartedly. There is never a moment when she asks him to move on or change just because everyone wants him to do. She is content with the arrangement even though he barely talks to her because she wants to be with him no matter what the situation is and this is the story of a youngster.

In the opening sequence of Shiva Nirvana’s Majili, when a cricketer asks Poorna (Naga Chaitanya) to join them to celebrate their team’s victory, he instead asks for a favour that he wants to spend a day in a hotel room. A little later, Poorna walks into a room no 606 with a bottle of whiskey and lies down on the bed. He slips into his past almost instantly. The room is a perfect metaphor for a time machine that Poorna refuses to forget. It is here that his memories of his youth are still vivid and far away from all his friends and family.

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