Madhya Pradesh restricts its jobs to domicile residents

Madhya Pradesh State government’s jobs will now be restricted to people who belong to the state as per the latest announcement by the Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

On Tuesday, the chief minister confirmed that only those who are domicile residents of the state will be eligible to take on the government jobs. He assured that the party is taking this important decision of state government jobs being given to youngsters, who belong to MP after a lot of consideration. “We are putting in place necessary legal provisions to this effect.” He added that the state’s resources must be restricted to state children and no one else.

With this announcement, MP became the first state to reserve its state government jobs to its residents. He confirmed on this matter after he had unofficially announced on August 15, Independence Day of India that the state will be giving preference to states children over any other candidate.

Party members have welcomed this decision with open arms. The spokesperson of the Bhartiya Janta Party, Rajneesh Agarwal also applauded the decision and said that with this being enforced, the youth of the country will look at becoming more ‘Atma nirbhar’ (Self-reliant) than ever.

Insiders have also revealed that in the coming day’s announcement with regards to entrepreneurs and companies of MP will also be getting preference over others in awarding tenders and contracts. Former CM of the state and state congress chief, Kamal Nath also voiced his opinions on this. He first said that CM should first acknowledge how many youths did actually get a job while in BJP’s 15-year rule.

In his tweet, Kamal Nath went into the self-appreciation mode and remembered the days when their party was in power, a 15-months-old tenure where according to him, they had taken many decisions to ensure that youth from the state get preference in jobs in the state. “We amended the state’s industrial policy to ensure that 70% of the jobs were given to local youths only. Also, we implemented Yuva Swambhiman Yojana to ensure proper jobs to MP youths.”

Strangely, when Kamal Nath had twisted certain elements from the state’s industrial policy in 2018 to make sure that the majority of the jobs, 70 percent, are reserved for the domicile residents.  There were a series of protests from BJP and JD(U) and Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh. But now it turns out that Chuhan himself has chosen that route and interestingly enough, just before 27 assembly by-polls, whose dates are yet to be finalized by the Election Commission of India.

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