Lunar Eclipse observed on Wednesday

The partial lunar eclipse was observed on early Wednesday in India for several hours.

The partial lunar eclipse, which is assumed to be the last of 2019, began at around 1.31 am and concluded before sunrise on Wednesday. The eclipse steadily expanded and was at its zenith at 3 am and it precisely looked as if a piece of the Moon has been chewed off.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon crosses directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This happens only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are accurately or very exactly aligned, with Earth between the other two.

A lunar eclipse can appear only on the night of a full moon. The type and duration of a lunar eclipse mainly based on the Moon’s concurrence to either node of its axis.

While a partial lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow crosses through a portion of the Moon, appearing in a huge dark spot that makes itlooks as though a piece of the Moon has been chewed off.

Aside from India, other countries such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America have also witnessed a partial lunar eclipse.

The partial lunar eclipse was viewed in the cloudy skies of Delhi at around 1.31 am. At around 3 am, the astronomical event eclipse was in its highest intensity.

According to the Hindu tradition, no spiritual or auspicious practice is done during the lunar eclipse.

According to this custom, various popular temples across the country also remain shutting for god’s darshan and any puja during this period. People performing puja are informed to do it before or after the eclipse.

Those who follow the Hindu religion are advised to have a bath before and after the lunar eclipse. They also avoid cooking or eating food while in that period.

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