Live, AFG vs SCO, T20 World Cup 2021 Full Cricket Score: Mujeeb derails Scotland with three wickets

After 6 overs,Afghanistan 55/1 ( Hazratullah Zazai 30 , Rahmanullah Gurbaz 0)

Mujeeb to bowl again. Starts with a dot, before being hit for SIX by Munsey over deep square leg. Munsey has scored most of Scotland’s runs so far, can he stay on and build a good partnership? Nope. OUT! Mujeeb-ur-Rahman strikes yet again! Munsey departs after having his off stump clattered by a gorgeous delivery. Dot, single and dot to end the over.

After 5 overs,Scotland 30/4 ( George Munsey 19 , Michael Leask 0)

Naveen to bowl a second over, dot, wide and single to begin. OH WHAT A CATCH! Naveen-ul-Haq gets the wicket thanks to a lovely, flying catch from Shahzad! Matthew Cross got a thick edge on the ball, and Shahzad dived acrobatically to his right to take it. Three dots to end the over, and Scotland are struggling here.

After 4 overs,Afghanistan 30/0 ( Hazratullah Zazai 18 , Mohammad Shahzad (W) 10)

Mujeeb’s second over now, and he starts with a single. Oh, bowled em! Kyle Coetzer is sent back to the dugout by Mujeeb Ur Rahman! He cleaned up the Scottish batter with the wrong ‘un, which evaded Coetzer and lit up the stumps. OUT! Two wickets in two balls for Mujeeb Ur Rahman! This time he traps Calum MacLeod LBW and the umpire’s finger goes up right away. Scotland review, but to no avail! Mujeeb on a hattrick, a few slips in place here, but it’s just a dot. Another dot follows, and then another wicket! OUT! Richie Berrington is trapped LBW by Mujeeb, what an over this is! In the blink of an eye, Scotland are in deep, deep trouble.

After 3 overs,Scotland 27/0 ( George Munsey 17 , Kyle Coetzer (C) 10)

Naveen to bowl a third over, and Coetzer is off the mark, he runs two. Oh, great delivery from Naveen, Coetzer came down the track and Naveen sent it past his bat and onto his pads. The umpire doesn’t think that’s LBW, Afghanistan’s players decide to review. No bat on it, but the impact was outside the line, and it was probably missing wickets as well. FOUR! Slower ball, and it’s whacked down the ground by Coetzer. Oh well bowled, moving into Coetzer’s body, and it goes right through the Scottish batter for a dot. Another dot, and then FOUR again, Coetzer picked his spot at the straight boundary.

After 2 overs,Scotland 17/0 ( George Munsey 17 , Kyle Coetzer (C) 0)

Mujeeb to bowl the second over, he begins with two dots and then Munsey hits him for FOUR over midwicket! Great start this from the Scotland batter, his captain at the other end is yet to face a single ball!. Munsey then runs two. A couple of dot balls, and Coetzer will finally face his first delivery in the third over.

After 1 overs,Scotland 11/0 ( George Munsey 11 , Kyle Coetzer (C) 0)

Mohammad Nabi to open the bowling. His first delivery is a dot, and then George Munsey shows very early signs of intent with a FOUR! It was a very well executed sweep. Oh, he goes one better with a SIX off the next ball! A reverse sweep and the top edge has more than enough power on it to carry it over the ropes. Two dots and a single to end the over.

After 20 overs,Afghanistan 190/4 ( Mohammad Nabi (C) 11 , )

Alright then, final over and it’s Sharif who will bowl it. Starts with a double and then a single. FOUR! Nabi pulls it in the air behind square and it races away to the boundary rope. A single, and then a massive SIX, that narrowly missed hitting the roof by only a couple of metres or so! Thundered over long-on by Najib! Final ball, and Najib ends up hitting straight into the hands of Wheal at deep midwicket. Afghanistan end on 190/4!

After 19 overs,Afghanistan 176/3 ( Najibullah Zadran 50 , Mohammad Nabi (C) 6)

Josh Davey to bowl his fourth over. Double and single to begin, and then OUT! Rahmanullah Gurbaz’s time comes to an end after holing out to Coetzer at extra cover! He’s done well to keep Afghanistan scoring runs at a consistent rate, but he can’t see it through. Josh Davey picks up the wicket. Single off the next ball and fifty for Najibullah Zadran! He and Gurbaz put together an excellent partnership, and they’ve adapted very well to whatever Scotland have thrown their way

After 17 overs,Afghanistan 152/2 ( Rahmanullah Gurbaz 46 , Najibullah Zadran 34)

Wheal’s final over, single to begin and then a big six! It’s plastered over long-on, there was some real venom in that shot. A well-run double of the next ball, but there’s some debate over whether it was a short run. Replay shows it was legitimate. Oh no wait! At the other end, Najib’s bat was a couple of inches short of the crease. That’s just a single, second time it’s happened in the match. Oh nice work! Gurbaz whacks it high and long, it’s hit down the ground with aplomb for SIX! Two singles to end the over, and that brings up the 150 mark for Afghanistan.

After 16 overs,Afghanistan 136/2 ( Rahmanullah Gurbaz 32 , Najibullah Zadran 33)

Sharif to bowl his third over now. Single off the first ball. Najib and Gurbaz have built a nice little partnership here. Another single and then a huge SIX, stand and deliver! It’s a shorter delivery, and Najib sends that soaring over long-on! That was 100 metres on the money. Two dots follow, then a single.

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