Life imprisonment recommended for mob lynching by UP Law Commision

Uttar Pradesh Law Commission has said that the conflicts of mob lynching are increasing and recommended several steps to control the menace.

The state law commission has presented a paper to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in which it has suggested life imprisonment with a fine for mob lynching convicts.

The state law panel chairman Justice AN Mittal has presented a full report to the Chief Minister in which he had asked for the necessary to create a powerful law to deal with such cases.

He said that mob lynching conflicts are rising in the country. The Commission made a research on it and presented a paper to CM recommending how to prevent such conflicts from arising & not only punishing the accused.

Mittal said added that if the victim gets killed in the conflict then life imprisonment with a heavy fine has been suggested in the report.

The state law commission on Wednesday presented a draft proposal to the chief minister recommending different measures to fight against the mob lynching conflicts.

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