Ladakh greets new change by Modi’s government

The new demographic change by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in Jammu and Kashmir is greeted by the current and the

9th Union Territory of the nation – Ladakh. The government’s judgment to make Ladakh a Union Territory has gained a great welcome by

the people there.

The condition in Leh city seemed to be normal with vehicular action on road for domestic and foreign tourists with no restrictions.
The area is strategically vital for India as it’s east side joins China and west to Pakistan which are in dispute with India over territory.

Ladakh Buddist Association president PT Kujang stated, “Decision of declaring Ladakh as UT will be helpful for India strategically as in

past, people of Ladakh have always stood with the nation’s forces.”

He also stated that in 1949 while Ladakh had asked then PM Jawaharlal Nehru not to connect Ladakh with J&K but the offer was


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