Kerala State Government increased the life span of carriers up to 20 years

The State government of Kerala told the Kerala High Court that the improvement of the survival of private buses utilising as vehicles to 20years from 15 was as per law on Wednesday. The conclusion was made considering the representations obtained from the private bus operators’ associations.

The affirmation was recorded in reply to a command petition claiming the government decision to increase the life span of stage carriers by five more years. The scrapping policy mandated the de-registration of commercial vehicles and medium and heavy commercial vehicles after finishing twenty years. In these conditions, the government decided to extend the life span of stage carriers to 20 years.

The government said that in fact, it has decided to amend the rule 260A of the Kerala Motor Vehicles Rules for extending the life span of stage carriages by 5 years as a condition of grant of permit considering the implementation of the body code, draft vehicle scrapping policy of the Centre and the time required for replacing old buses by purchasing new electric/CNG/LNG buses. The state noticed that the Centre had not set any age limit for stage carriers so far. Moreover, the state government had not set the age limit of stage carriers.

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