Junglee Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal’s bond with elephants

Vidyut Jammwal star Junglee as the name suggests is as wild as it gets. The movie follows the life of a vet, Raj (Vidyut Jammwal) who returns to his father’s elephant reserve and realises that they are being poached by hunters for their tusks. Using his ancient martial arts and his love for animals, he becomes the saviour of the elephants.

Chuck Russell, who is famous for helming Hollywood blockbusters like The Mask, Eraser and The Scorpion King, is in fine form here. One wonders why wasn’t he directing more films of late. The way he has executed several emotional and action scenes tells you his range as a filmmaker. Without spoiling anything watch out for that interval moment, it will leave a lump in your throat for sure.

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