JeM chief Masood Azhar releases audio clip warning Pakistan after ‘crackdown’ on terror groups: ‘Fear God’

Hours after Pakistan announced the arrest of key Jaish-e-Mohammed leaders, the terror group’s chief Masood Azhar Alvi issued a defiant message warning the country against efforts to rein in the internationally-proscribed jihadist group. The speech was released on Jaish-encrypted chat platforms early in the evening of 6 March.

“Fear God,” Azhar said in the speech. “And stop persecuting the mosques, madrassas and mujahideen. Remember, that when a Muslim flees the battle against the hypocrites, the wrath of Allah is upon him.” He goes on: “Fear not only the world community; fear God too. God can protect you from the world community, but it cannot protect you from God.”

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