Jaipur may use up rivers in several days if monsoon is further deferred

The IMD files for the period July 1 to July 15 ensures that the Bikaner and even Jodhpur branches in western Rajasthan have been worst hit 
With the monsoon playing truant in Jaipur region and Bisalpur dam having water for simply 40 days , the People Health Engineering Department ( PHED ) is putting in place a contingency decide toavert a crisis . 

The IMD data for the period July 1 to July 15 shows that the Bikaner acnd Jodhpur branches in western Rajasthan have been worst hit . Bikaner section recorded 60% less than normal rain showerwhile Jodhpur division had 64% considerably less rainfall . Jaipur division had 5% less than normal rains . Ajmer , Bharatpur , Kota and Udaipur divisions have had excess rainfall . 

The Bisalpur dam is the lifeline for approximately 90 lakh people in Jaipur , Ajmer , Tonk and Dausa districts , which get water from the dam that is situated in Tonk district . However , if the monsoon is further deferred , people can expect water rationing with supply staying restricted to once in two to three days , PHED officials said . 

The dam which supplies water to these four districts has not received filled due to poor monsoon . The dam has a height of 315 .5 metres and the water level is currently at 304 .97 metres . Normal water from the dam can be supplied until eventually 302 metres . 

A further chief engineer in the PHED said contingency plans were being made for all four locations . As part of the contingency plan , tube wells will be dug and tankers will be used to supply water . Around 680 tube wells shall be dug in Jaipur alone , he said . 

However , the engineer said the contingency plan will take around a few months to execute as tenders will have to be issued and then work orders shall be given . 

PHED minister BD Kalla is monitoring the water situation in the state and is having to take daily updates from government , the department officials said . 

Sandeep Verma , principal secretary , PHED , said they are monitoring the water situation and there is not any imminent crisis . He said the situation would depend on the rainfall . “If there is good quality rainfall in the catchment areas of the Bisalpur dam then the situation would ease ,” he said . 

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