Is it full stop for the Rajasthan political drama?

Indian National Congress can celebrate its victory in Rajasthan after it managed to save its government after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday convincingly won the trust vote in the state Assembly and also managed to get Sachin Pilot on board.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot had left the party that caused a whole new series of events that had led people to believe that Congress might not sustain in Rajasthan and not only this but even the party started to doubt Gehlot’s influence. Proving everyone wrong, Gehlot managed the situation, at least for now, and is ready to continue his term.

He accused Bharatiya Janata Party, state and center, and questioned them of using central agencies like the ED, CBI, and IT department against any governments other than BJP,, so that they can out throw the government.

“Are agencies like ED, CBI, and the Income Tax department not being misused in the country? When you hold a conversation on the telephone, don’t you tell the other person to join you on FaceTime and WhatsApp? Is this a good thing in a democracy?”, Gehlot said.

But the 69-year-old did not stop his attack here. He blamed BJP for conspiring against the opposition in every state. “The way they (BJP) had conspired in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh, they applied the same technique here (Rajasthan), but they have been exposed. Their every tactic failed.”

With Gehlot winning the vote of trust, he and his government will be intact for another six months as per the floor test rules. BJP has made every effort to make sure that Congress does not get the confidence vote but after Pilot’s comeback and Gehlot’s influence among the party members, their tactics failed. The CM termed this victory as the victory of people of the state.

He said that with their victory, the entire state is celebrating. There is a wave of happiness among people. “I consider it a win for the people of Rajasthan. He also focused on the state fighting COVID-19 together. He said that now we need to win the battle against coronavirus.

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